May 4 is Free Comic Book Day (Credit:

Do you love comic books? Then, you will be excited to know that May 4, 2024, is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). This means you can walk into any of the 2300+ participating retailers worldwide and pick up a free comic book. Now in its 22nd year, the global event is observed annually on the first Saturday in May.

John Field came up with the idea in 2002 after noticing the popularity of Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. The retailer believed a similar promotion would help introduce a new generation of readers to the world of comics. He convinced fellow comic book sellers, publishers, and distributors, and soon after FCBD became a reality. To make FCBD more meaningful, publishers even began creating new titles just for the event.

Marvel will create five special titles for FCBD (

This year's FCBD promises a diverse selection of 48 titles. Marvel superhero fans will have a choice of five comics, including ones featuring the Avengers and Spider-Man. Additionally, in honor of "May the 4th," Marvel will also release a Star Wars comic.

DC Fans will have four options. They include a middle-grade-friendly title, a sneak peek into a DC Comics "secret" summer event, and a collaboration with MAD magazine. Younger comic book fans can select from a variety of titles. They include ones based on popular Disney movies like Encanto and Maleficent.

“Every year, we strive to bring fans a memorable Free Comic Book Day experience! We know comic book retailers are looking forward to treating their communities to a day of fun and discovery, and we think this year’s comic book selection really reflects that!” said Ashton Greenwood, Free Comic Book Day spokesperson. “The variety of this year’s comic book selection is really exciting! There’s something for every kind of fan, from long-time readers to the comic book curious.

Fans will also be able to buy special FCBD merchandise (Credit:

You may want to visit your local comic book store on FCBD even if the complimentary titles do not interest you. Most stores offer discounts on all their comics. They also have exclusive FCBD merchandise and apparel.

Happy FCBD Day!